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There are 2 sections to the skeleton and they are ......?
axial skeleton and appendicular skeleton
The axial skeleton is made up of....
The skull, vertebral column, ribs and sternum.
Which group is more important for Reflexology, the appendicular or axial skeleton?
The bones of the feet and hands in the appendicular skeleton.
How many bones are in the feet?
26 bones, 14 phalanges(in the toes)
5 metatarsal
3 cuneiform
1 each of the cuboid, navicular, talus, and calcaneus
The hand consist of _____ bones? Name the groups and single bones.
27 bones- 14 phalanges(in the fingers), 5 metacarpal, and the carpals(wrist bones) 1 of each, trapezium, trapezoid,capitate, hamate, pisiform, triquetrum, lunate, and scaphoid.
What is the chemical factory of the body and what does it produce?
The skeletal system. It produces, blood components, minerals, and other vital materials.
The bones act as a resrvoir for what?
Most of the body's miieral needs.
99% of the calcium
88% of the phosphorus
plus copper and cobalt.
Define the spine....
"is a part of the axial skeleton. It is a strong flexible, rod like structure which supports the head, gives attachments to the ribs, & protects the vital spinal cord.
The spine is made up of _____ bones called vertebrae.
26 bones
The appendicular consists of ......
The shoulder girdle with the upper limbs and the pelvic girdle with the lower limbs.