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to buy for oneself
to improve oneself (accent aigu on first e)
s'amuser (a)
to enjoy oneself (accent grave on last a)
to be called
s'approcher (de)
to approach, come near
s'arreter (de)
to stop (circonflex on first e)
s'attendre a
to expect (accent grave on last a)
se baigner
to bathe
se blesser
to hurt oneself
se bronzer
to tan
se brosser
to brush oneself
se bruler
to burn oneself (circonflex on the u)
se cacher
to hide oneself
se casser
to break
se coucher
to lie down, go to bed
se deguiser (en)
to disguise onself (as) (accent aigu on first e)
se demander
to wonder
se depecher
to hurry (accent aigu on first e, circonflex on second e)
se deshabiller
to get undressed (accent aigu on second e)
se disputer
to quarrel/ argue
to escape (accent aigu on first e)
s'eloigner (de)
to move away (from) (accent aigu on first e)
to fall asleep
to get bored
to express oneself
se facher (contre)
to become angry (a) (circonflex on the a)
to get dressed
s'habituer a
to get used to (accent grave on the second a)
s'inquieter (de)
to worry (about) (accent aigu on first e)
to settle down, set up shop
se laver
to wash (oneself)
se lever
to get up, rise
se maquiller
to put on makeup
se marier (avec)
to marry
se mettre a
to begin to (accent grave on the last a)
se moquer (de)
to laugh at
se peigner
to comb one's hair
se preparer (a)
to prepare (to) (accent aigu on second e and accent grave on last a)
se presenter
to introduce oneself (accent aigu on second e)
se promener
to take a walk
se rappeler
to remember
se raser
to shave oneself
se regarder
to look at oneself/each other
se reposer
to rest
se reveiller
to wake up (accent aigu on first e)
se sauver
to run away
se sentir
to feel
se servir (de)
to use
se souvenir (de)
to remember
se specialiser (en)
to specialize (in) (accent aigu on the second e)
se tromper
to make a mistake