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(abrazarse) Abrázateme! No te me abraces.
Hug me! Don’t hug me.
(abstenerse) !Absténte! No te abstengas.
Abstain! Don’t abstain.
(acordarse) !Acuérdate! No te acuerdes.
Remember! Don’t remember.

(acostarse) !Acuéstate! No te acuestes.
Go to bed! Don’t go to bed.

(afeitarse) !Afeítate! No te afeites.
Shave! Don’t shave.
(aburrirse) !Abúrrete! No te aburras.
Get bored! Don’t get bored.

(acercarse) !Acércate! No te acerques.
Get closer! Don’t get closer.
(alegrarse) !Alégrate! No te alegres.
Rejoice! Don’t be glad.

(apoderarse) !Apodérate! No te apoderes.
Take power! Don’t take power.

!Apresúrate! No te apresures.
tengo prisa
(to make haste)
Hurry! Don’t rush.
to be in a hurry

(aprovecharse) !Aprovéchate! No te aproveches.
Take advantage! Don’t take advantage.

(asustarse) !Asústate! No te asustes.
Be frightened! Don’t be scared.

(atreverse) !Atrévete! No te atrevas.
Dare! Don’t you dare.
(to be insolent)

(ayudarse) !Ayúdame! No me ayudes.
Help me. Don't help me.
(burlarse) !Búrlate! No te burles.
Make fun of yourself! Don’t ridicule yourself.

(bañarse) !Báñate! No te bañes.
Bathe. Don’t bathe.

(casarse) !Cásate! No te cases.
Marry. Don’t marry.

(cepillarse) !Cepíllate! No te cepilles.
Brush (yourself)! Don’t brush (yourself)!

(colocarse) !Colócate! No te coloques.
Get a job! Don’t get a job.
(also) to invest

(cortarse) !Córtatelo! No te lo cortes.
Cut it (masc.)! Don’t cut it (masc.).
(callarse) !Cállate! No te calles.
Be quiet. Don’t be silent.

(cansarse) !Cánsate! No te canses.
Be tired. Don’t be tired.

(despedirse) !Despí'dete! No te despidas.
Say goodbye! Don’t say goodbye.
(detenerse) !Detente! No te detengas.
Stop yourself. Don’t stop youself.

(divertirse) !Diviértete! No te diviertas.
Have fun! Don’t have fun.
(despertarse) !Despiértate! No te despiertes.
Wake up! Don’t wake up.

(desvestirse) !Desvístete! No te desvistas.
Undress! Don’t undress.

(defenderse) !Defiéndete! No te defiendas.
Defend yourself. Don’t defend yourself.
(desayunarse) !Desayúnate! No te desayunes.
Eat breakfast. Don’t eat breakfast.

(dormirse) !Duérmete! No te duermas.
Fall asleep. Don’t fall asleep.

(ducharse) !Dúchate! No te duches.
Shower! Don’t shower.

(enfermarse) !Enférmate! No te enfermes.
Get sick! Don’t get sick.

(encontrarse) !Encuéntrateme! No te me encuentres.
Encounter each other! Don’t find me.
(enojarse) !Enójate! No te enojes.
Get angry. Don’t get angry.
(enfadarse) !Enfádate! No te enfades.
Get annoyed! Don’t get annoyed.
(engañarse) !Enga'ñate! No te engañes.
Deceive yourself! Don’t deceive yourself.
(equivocarse) !Equivócate! No te equivoques.
Be wrong! Don’t be wrong.
(esconderse) !Escóndete! No te escondas.
Hide! Don’t hide.

(fijarse) !Fíjate! No te fijes.
Prohibido fijar carteles aqui.
Notice (it)! Don’t notice.
Afix no posters here.

(irse) !Vete! No te vayas.
Go away! Don’t go away.

(lavarse) !Lávate! No te laves.
Wash yourself! Don’t wash yourself.

(levantarse) !Levántate! No te levantes.
Get up. Don’t get up.

(llamarse) !Llámate ___! No te llames loco.
Call yourself ____. Don’t call yourself crazy.

(llevarse con) !Llévate bien con otros!
No te lleves malo con sus padres.
Get along well with others!
Don’t get along badly with your parents.
(maquillarse) !Maquíllate! No te maquilles
Do makeup (tú)! Don’t do makeup!

(marcharse) !Márchate! No te marches.
Leave / go away! Don’t go.

(mirarse) !Mírate! No te mires.
Look at you! Don’t look at yourself.

(negarse) !Négate! No te negues.
Refuse! Don’t refuse.
(peinarse) !Peí'nate! No te peines.
Comb your hair (tú). Don’t comb your hair.
(ponerse) !Ponte los zapatos! No te pongas enojado.
Put on your shoes! Don’t become angry.
(preocuparse) !Preocúpate! No te preocupes.
Worry. Don’t worry.

(prepararse) !Prepárate! No te prepares.
Get yourself ready! Don’t get ready.

(probarse) Pruébate. No te pruebes.
Try it on! Don’t try it on.

(pararse) !Párate! No te pares.
Stop yourself!. Don’t stop yourself.

(parecerse) !Parécete! No te parezcas.
Look like (someone)! Don’t resemble (someone).
(pasearse) !Paséate! No te pasees.
Parade (yourself)! Don’t parade (yourself).

(quedarse) !Quédate! No te quedes.
Stay! Don’t stay.

(quitarse) !Quítate! No te quites.
Take it off! Don’t take it off.

(saludarse) !Salu'dateme! No te me saludes.
Greet me! (Tú) Don’t greet me.
(secarse) !Sécate! No te seques.
Dry yourself. Don’t dry off.
(sentirse) !Siéntete! No te sientas demasado.
Feel it. Don’t feel it too much.

(torcerse) !Tuércete! No te tuercas.
Twist (yourself)! Don’t twist (yourself)!

(vestirse) !Vístete! No te vistas.
Get dressed. Don’t get dressed.

(volverse) !Vuélvete hermosa! No te vuelvas loco.
Become beautiful. Don’t become crazy.

Cepíllense (Uds) los dientes antes de acostarse.
Brush your teeth before you go to bed.

Llévese Ud. estos papeles.
Take these papers with you.

!Lléveselo (Ud)! (pescado)
Take it away (with you) (fish)(form)!

Serve it (to yourselves)!
!Quítatelos (zapotos mojados)!
Take them off (wet shoes)(tú)!

No se lave Ud. el cabello con ese jabón.
Do not wash your hair with that soap.

!No os olvidéis de enviarme la carta!
Do not forget to send me the letter!

No te levantes.
Don’t get up.

Get in!

!No te asustes!
Don’t be scared!

!No te acuestes!
Don’t go to bed!

!Quí'tatelos (los zapatos)!
Take them off (shoes)!
Vengan y quítense el abrigo.
(To a formal group) Come (in) and take off your coats.

!Marta - prepárate!
Martha - get ready!

Brush them!

Lucy - póntela.
Lucy - put it on.

!No se peinen aqui!
(Pl subject) Don’t comb your hair here!

Aféitatela (la barba) Max.
Shave it (beard) Max.

Quí'teselos (m.)Ud.
(Form) Take them (m.) off.
(Tú) Try it (masc.) on!

(Pl) Have fun!

Acuéstate ahora.
(Tú) Go to bed now.

Ve alli y ve el barco!
Go there and see the boat!

Vea por tormentas y vaya con Dios
Watch for storms and go with God’s blessings.

No me lo pongas.
(Tú) Don’t put it (m) on me.
No se la tengas a el.
(Tú) Don’t hold it (f) against him.

No nos dejes.
(Tú) Don’t leave us.
No me vengas.
(Tú) Don’t come to me.

No te hagas el importante.
(Tú) Don’t make yourself too important.
No las oigas.
(Tú) Don’t hear them.

No me digas mentiras.
(Tú) Don’t say to me lies.
No llegues temprano.
(Tú) Don’t arrive early.

No pagues la cuenta.
(Tú) Don’t pay the bill.

No empieces a leer el libro.
(Tú) Don’t begin to read the book.
No toques el piano.
(Tú) Don’t play the piano.

No saques los boletos todavi'a.
(Tú) Don’t take out your tickets yet.
No los busques alli (los relojes).
(Tú) Don’t look for clocks there.
No pidas pescado alli.
(Tú) Don’t order fish there.

No me lo sirvas el pollo.
(Tú) Don’t serve me chicken.
No puedas comer mariscos.
(Tú) You can’t eat seafood.

!No vuelvas a casa borracho!
(Tú) Don’t return home drunk.

No la pierdas la cámara.
(Tú) Don’t loose the camera.

!No quieras demasiado!
(Tú) Don’t want too much!

No estés enojado.
Don’t be angry.

No me la des la basura.
Don’t give me the garbage.
No seas un mal chico.
Don’t be a bad boy.

No vayas ahora.
Don’t go now.

No lo sepas el todo.
You don’t know it all.

No los incluyas.
Don’t include them (masc).

No conduzcas sin cuidado.
Don’t drive without care.

(besarse) !Bésame mucho! No te me beses.
Kiss me lots! Don’t kiss me.