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What are primitive reflexes?
automatic, unconsious movements facilitated by some type of stimulus
What are the 2 primitive reflexes that allow an infant to eat?
What does Rooting and Suck/Swallow reflexes interfere with if not integrated?
Rooting: Head control and exploration
Suck/Swallow: Coordination of mature suck-swallow-breathe pattern
What is oral motor control?
It is the ability of the child to use the lips, cheeks, jaw, tongue and palate
How is oral motor development different from oral motor control?
Oral motor development refers to feeding, sound play, and oral exploration
What are the reflexes that are related to oral-motor development
*phasic bite
What is Moro's Reflex?
P: when supine & head at midline
S: and head is extended >30 degrees
R: arms extend and hands open then arms flex and hands close (s/b symmetrical)
What does Moro's reflex interfere with if not integrated?
head control
equilibrium & protective reactions
What is Palmer Reflex?
P: Supine
S: Pressure onf ulnar surface of palm
R: Fingers Flex
What does Palmer reflex interfere with if not integrated?
with releasing objects
What is ATNR?
Asymmetrical Tonic Neck Reflex
How does the ATNR work?
P: Supine, arms/legs ext and head in midline
S: Turn head to one side
R: Face side: arm and leg will extend
Skull side: arm and leg flex
What does ATNR interfere with if not integrated?
-Bilateral hand use
-Crossing midline
-Visual perception beyond arms' length
What is STNR?
Symmetrical Tonic Neck Reflex
How does STNR work?
P: quadruped or over knees
S: 1) Flex head
2) Extend head
R: 1) arms flex, legs ext
2) arms extend legs flex
What does STNR interfere with if not integrated?
Reciprical crawling/creeping
What is Landau Reflex?
P:Prone, held in space
S:Suspend w/ active or passive dosiflexion of head
R: LE/UE ext & ABD (elbow can flex)
What does Landau reflex interfere with if not integrated?
-in prone, difficulty extending
What is a Righting Reaction?
It is postural changes to head and body position. These movements involve ext, fls, ABD, ADD and lateral flex
What is an Equilibrium Reaction?
It is an automatic, compensatory mvmts used to maintain the center of gravity over the base of support
Explain how equilibrium reaction works:
postural responses combine with righting reactions with rotational and diagonal patterns
Lack of equilibrium reaction interferes with?
ability to sit
maintain bal when reaching
maintain bal when center of gravity is displaced
Protective Ext Responses are used to?
stop a fall or prevent injury when equilibrium reactin fails
Lack of protective reaction interferes with?
head protection when center of gravity is displaced.