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to omit, to interrupt
levo il disturbo
It's time for me to go now
Me l'hai levato di bocca
You have taken the words right out of my mouth
E' una vista da levare il fiato
It's a sight that can take your breath away
Mi sono levata un capriccio
I satisfied a whim
prelevare sangue
to take blood
mancare di parola
to break ones word
E' mancata la luce
the light went out
Che Dio gliela mandi buona
may God help him
rimandare all' ultimo momento
to leave something to the last minute
mettere in chiaro
to make clear
mettere la testa a partito
to turn over a new leaf
metti che nevichi
suppose it snows
mettersi di buzzo buono
to get down to work with gusto
mettercela tutta
to bend over backwards
emettere un gemito
to groan
La smetti una buona volta
will you stop once and for all
Partire e' un po' morire
to part is to die a little
portare delle prove
to bring proof
riportare ferite
to suffer injuries
essere preso dalla paura
to be seized by fear
prendere una brutta piega
to take a turn for the worse
prendere le cose come vengano
to take things as they come
prendere lucciole per lanterne
to get hold of the wrong end of the stick
prendere della mama
to take after the mother
ridere sotto i baffi
to laugh up ones sleeve
to mock
stare sulle generali
to be vague
non stare in se dalla gioia
to be besides oneself with joy
Se stesse in me
if it were left to me
Questa colla tiene
This glue sticks
tirare in lungo
to drag on
tirare sul prezzo
to haggle over the price