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alzare la bandiera
to hoist the flag
alzare le carte
to cut the cards
alzare la cresta
to get cockey
alzare le mani
to surrender
alzare le spalle
to shrug ones shoulders
alzare una statua
to erect a statue
alzare i tacchi
to take to ones heels
alzare il tiro
to intensify the attack
alzare le vele
to set sail
rialzare la casa di due piane
to add 2 floors on to a house
andare in bestia
to fly into a rage
andare a donne
to chase after women
andare a genio a qualcuno
to be to someones liking
andare a gonfie vele
to be under full sail
andare a pennello
to fit to a T
Chi va con lo zoppo impara a zoppicare
he that dwells with a cripple, will learn to limp
andarsene al creatore
to die