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Why Open Source
-Strategic Elimination of Vendor Lockin
-Improved Security
-Cost reduction in multiple dimensions
-Solution Ecosystem
-Permormance Maturity Choice
Strategic Elimination of Vendor Lockin
OSS naturally creates multiple vendors
Improved Security
Proven security through better technology & threat response record
Customers and industry can verify standards, adherence, quality & flexibility
Cost Reduction in Multiple Dimensions
-System Administration
-Compute Transactions / Watt
-License Management
Solution Ecosystem
OEM & ISV supliers across the IT industry are focusing on delivering OSS solutions
All leading software technology development today is being done under the OSS model
Performance Maturity Choice
More suppliers than any proprietary offering = more improvements, more testing, greater selection
Linux Contributors
Red Hat is the leading commercial contributor to the ongoing kernel development
Why Red Hat?
-Help companies eliminate unnecessary technology, migrate to relevant technology and build the kind of collaborative value that is impossible with proprietary software
-Red Hat combines the disruptive power of open source with the accountability of a leading enterprise vendor
Red Hat's Business Model
-No licensing fee for the right to use Red Hat
-For one annual fee, customers can take advantage of all of the value Red Hat offers
-There is no lock-in, so when a subscription expires, customers are free to keep using the software
-The annual subscription model forces Red Hat to earn its business year after year
-If services don't live up to expectations, then customers are free to choose another vendor
Subscriptions include:
-Thoroughly tested technology that is certified w/ all major software and hardware applications
-Access to Red Hat Network for easy software delivery and updates
-The latest technology as it's tested and released
-Access to the latest enhancements, bug fixes, security errata and new hardware and software support
-Intellectual Property Warranty coverage for the life of the subscription
-Red Hat support for Red Hat Certified Engineers w/ multiple service options
Worldwide Server Market: Cost of Management
Operating Expense now outweighs Capital Expense
Customer satisfaction
Red Hat is ranked #1 in value by CIO magazine for 3 years running