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I notice a red canoe for sale in a yard.
My mom and my aunt Rosie and my cousin Sam and I put our money together and bought it.
We bought supplies for a canoe trip.
We drive and drive and drive and drive.
First we unload our car and put up our tent for the first night.
Our first day on the river we set out for a small island to do many things.
We hear the roaring of the waterfall.
We portage around the waterfall by lowering the canoe down to another part of the river.
Our first night we build a fire and tell stories about the animals.
The next morning it is raining, so we eat crackers and raisins for breakfast.
All of the sudden the rain stops and a rainbow comes out.
We went fishing because the fish were jumping all around us.
We hear fast-moving water, so Aunt Rosie and Mom do their best to get through it. We do not stop.
We came to a place where the river spreads into a meadow. We see many animals.
We find an island to spend our third hight.
A wild wind happens in the night. We lose on pot and one cup.
We canoe through a town and Sam gets excited and falls from the canoe.
We come to the end, fish for something for Sixtoes and ask for a ride back to our car.