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I found a canoe for sale.
We put our money together to buy a canoe.
We heard the roaring of the waterfall.
We portaged the canoe down to another part of the river.
The pans are dirty.
We use the sand as scouring powder.
We woke up to rain.
We ate crackers and raisins for breakfast.
It was pouring rain when suddenly the sun came out.
A big rainbow spread across the sky.
We had a wild wind in the middle of the night.
A pot and one cup blew away in the storm.
Sam gets excited. He stands up to wave.
Sam falls into the river.
We pull our canoe out at the end of our trip.
Aunt Rosie asked other campers for a lift back to the car.
We catch a fish for my cat Sixtoes.
Sixtoes eats his fish.