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Author of The Red Badge of Courage
Stephen Crane
Publication date (RBOC)
other facts...
no war experience. Published in 10 sucessive nights.
1st novel.
Publication date.
Other facts...
Maggie: A Girl In The Streets.
published under a pseudonym & at his own expense.
Battle the fighting is based on.
Battle of Chancellorsvillle.
May 2-4, 1863
Subtitle of RBOC
An Episode of the American Cicil War
Stephen Crane believed in _________.
naturalism- animal imagery, heredity, environment.
His writings covered these wars.
graeco turkish war, spanish american war.
type of novel RBOC is.
psychological/war novel.
1896- Cuba. about his friends who's ship sank, were in a lifeboat
The Open Boat
years of Stephen Crane's life.
His father's job.
Methodist minister.