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What is the Insturction for awards and Incentives?
What does REIP stand for?
Recruiter Excellence Incentive Program - advancement incentive plan for meritorious achievement
REIP is based on what fraction of personnel
For every 50 you can REIP one.
A candidate must have served in the NRD for what minimum time to be considered for REIP?
15 months
What is Fraternization?
Socializing with prospects/recruiters/officers or members of DEP, harassment, using abusive language, and othe activiites.
For those personnel not eligible to participate in the E-5 or E-6 advancement exam, what maximum portion of TIR may be waived to be eligible for REIP advancement?
One half or total TIR
The sum of meritorious and production advancements under the REIP should not exceed what % of the average enlisted fiscal manning?
The 6th award of the Navy Recruiting Service Ribbon is denoted by attaching what on the ribbon?
One 3/16inch silver star
What does Cognitive Restructuring Mean?
Changing your thinking. Its how we think about something that determines the feelings