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What is population?
A group of organisms that belong to the same species and live in the same area.
Exponential Growth
growth that starts slowly but can shoot out of control rapidly.
Charecterized by a fixed doubling time. (=70/Rate of Growth)
Logistic growth
initial growth, exponential growth,slowing points, carrying capicity, steady state
density dependent limiting factors

depends on how big the population is and how close they live
density independent limiting factors

natural occurences that factor into population size
carrying capacity
the maximum number of an organism that a given ecosystem can support
when a population extends its carrying capacity and begins to collapse (decline)
atoms with same # of protons but different # of neutrons
atoms of the same element (atomic #) but different mass numbers
Ionic chemicle bonds
electrons transferred from one atom to another
charges no longer balanced
atoms become ions (one positivly charged, one negativly)
Covalent chemicle bonds
electrons shared between atoms
nucleus of each has equal attraction for electrons
shared electrons spend most time between the two atoms
alpha radiation
nuclei of fast moving helium particles
charge is +2only travel a few inches in air
shielded by paper or dead skin
beta radiation
fast moving electrons
charge is -1
travel feet in air
sheilded by plastic, glass, or alluminum
gamma radiation
electromagnetic radiation of high frequency
charge is 0
can travel indefinitly
shielded by lead, concrete, or water