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what is a carpetbagger
a northerner who went to the south after the war in order to participate in reconstruction
what is a scalawag?
white southerner who supported Radical Reconstruction
what are black codes?
laws that limited the freedom of freedmen
what is lynch
death by hanging without a trial
What was "Jim Crow?"
laws made to segregate whites and blacks.
What was sharecropping?
a system where landowners gave the farmers seed and tools and land to cultivate. the farmers had to give the owners a percentage of their crops.
When was the freedmans bureau established?
spring 1865
what was Andrew Johnson's years of presidency?
Why was he impeached?

congress passed a law which prohibited presidents from firing staff w/o senate approval. in 1868 he fired his secretary.
When was the Ku Klux Klan established?
what year was grants election?
what was the Panic of 1873?
a big depression when the stock market collapsed. it lasted for about 5 years
what was the 13th amendment and what year?
slavery banned in USA
what was the 14th amendment and what year?
all people born in the USA, including former slaves but excluding Native Americans, are citizens with the same rights
what was the 15th amendment and what year?
citizens could not be prevented from voting based upon race, color, or former servitude
Name 2 reconstruction acts
14th amendment must be ratified
voting rights go to all men
Explain the compromise of 1877
*federal troops are removed from south
*Ohio governor would appoint a Democrat to his cabinet
*Democrats would respect AA rights