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Lincoln's 10% Plan

10% of the number of voters in 1860 who accepted amnesty and took an oath of allegiance to the Union have to organize loyal governments

really aimed at subverting the Southern war effort

Amnesty - general pardon of offences;; caused controversy (some felt this was too lenient)
Wade-Davis Bill

mainly from Radical Republicans

1) majority of each state’s adult white male population required to give oath of allegiance
2) new state governments must be formed & operated only by those who had never carried arms against the Union
3) Confederate leaders (political and military) lose voting rights permanently

*pocket-vetoed by Lincoln
Johnson's Reconstruction Plan
offered amnesty to all Southerners who took oath of allegiance to Union (except for high-ranking Confederate officials and wealthy planters -- Johnson held them responsible for secession -- only pardoned by presidential order)

appointed provisional governors for Southern states

conditions for restoration for Southern states:
1) they must revoke their ordinances of secession
2) must renounce their confederate debts
3) must ratify the thirteenth amendment

plan satisfied Republicans in Congress... then the South instituted black codes in response... then the Republicans were pissed
Reconstruction Act of 1867
Divided the South into 5 military districts, each under the command of a Union general
**South doesn't like this, they fought the war for states rights, they don't want the federal government butting in

requirements for readmission:
1) must ratify the 14th amendment
2) freedmen must have the right to vote

**states readmitted under Lincoln/Johnson said no to 14th amendment -- states under this plan HAD to say yes to it