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How was the South Destroyed?
Homes were lost, The livestock was gone, the railroads were ruined, they needed more labor force since 1/5 of the Southern population was killed in the Civil War, there were financial losses because the Confederate money was only worth 1.7 cents, there was a big debt for the South, and there were Damaged commerical ties.
What is a Sharecropper?
Sharecroppers are people who give other people land for a while and the other people help farm that land and get some profit out of it.
What is a Carpetbagger?
People who came down to the South to make money. They could charge a lot of money, they would make money off of the South's bad situation.
What is a Scalawag?
A Southerner who opposed secession in the first place.
What did the Freedman's Bureau do?
They did a thing called 40 acres and a mule where they gave each slave 40 acres and a mule to get them started off, they gave the former slaves food, clothing, and medicine. They also helped the freed slaves find jobs and they helped the slaves read contracts before they signed them so they make sure the slaves are not getting cheated, and they built schools and universities for former slaves
What did the 13th Amendment do?
It ended slavery everywhere.
What did the 14th Amendment do?
It said that if you were born in the U.S. that you were a citizen.
What did the 15th Amendment do?
It said that ALL males can vote.