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Abraham Lincoln
16th President 1860
Uninon Leader
John Wilkes Booth
Licolns assisnator
Andrew Johnson
1u7th Pres.
Hated rich Whites
Didnt care about Blacks
Impeached by congress
Radical Repub.
Group in congress led by Senator Chales
Helped Blacks for right led Radical Reconstruction
Average Republicans
Ku Klux Klan
Terrorist group in south
Killed over 20,000 Blacks
Terrified Black to gain
Democratic vote
US Grant
War Hero
18th pres(not a good President-scandals)
northerners who mmoved SOuth after the War-Hated by Southern Whites
Southern Republicans- helped Carpetbaggers-Hated by Southerners
Freedmen's Bureau
Oliver O. Howard
Group established by congress to help Blacks and poor whites led by Oliver O. Howard-school, hospitals...
Booker T. Washing
Wantd Blacks to have skills and have jobs
believed that jobs would provide equallity
Didn't care much for segragation
Wated Blacks to have good educationa dn get goo jobs
Fought against segragation
"talented 10" Started Niagra movement that lead to NAACP
Ida B. Wells
Fougth agianst Lnyching
Wanted euality and justice for Blacks
Rutherfor B. hayes
19th president
Elected in 1876 Republican
Let Military leave the South and scammed his way into office
Tenant Farmer
1. Person who rents land who later pays owner when they have the crops to-live in debt

2. Sharecroppers who rent their land to other people to make extra cash as well
Inflicting suffering on someone else
"Clarity for all and Malice for none" -licoln innagaration
To leave the Union
Niagraa Movenmt-lead to NAACP
WEB DuBoius started it -group that fought for Black rigth and against Jim Cropw Laws
the right to vote
terminationg a franchise
Not permitting law
when apresident breaks a law taking him to court in a trial to terminate his term in office
free labor vs. Slave lab
1.get housing, food, freedom, church, school and land
seperation of power
The difference between State and Federal gov.
Habeas Corpus
The right to not be arrested without cause
40 acres and a mule
What was promised to be given to African Americans during the war but was taken away after the war
Poll Tax
Law that stated you have to pay to vote
Literacy Test
You had to read and write to vote
The seperationg of peopl ebecause fo race, ethnicity, sex...
Violence agian African Americans
Sucess and failures
Freed. B.
13-15 Amm
Unified country
KKK, hayes, Suth held office
Tuskegee Un.
Founded by BTW
Talented tenth
African AMerican that were smart eduacated and WEB DUBOIS wanted them to lead African-Am.
Emanicipation Pr.
13-15th Am
Em: all slaves in Union free freed none but lead slaves to run
13th: all slavery was done
14th: Civil Rights
15th: Right to vote
Tenure of Office Act
Congress passed to uimpeaach johnson-presidents have to have congress's approval to fire anyone
Jim Crow Laws
Laws that seperated Blacks and Whites in SOuths
Plessy vs. Furguson
Plessy got Arrested for sitting in an all white train
argued that JC Laws went against the 13th adn 14th amm
lost case and was detained
Brown vs. BO Education Topek
Linda Brown wasn't allowed to go to an all white school
-Argued that separate but equal was not showing equality and was unconstitutional they won case and she went to the school
Slave and Black Codes
Codes that punished harsly black people and did nto allow them to have freedoms like learning and religion
Atlanta Expostion Adress
BTW's speech for black
Atlanta Compromise
BTW's speech for blacks to "cast down their buckets" and get any skills to make money to gain respect