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"A natural resourse is something that a) comes from the earthb) throws garbage away"
"comes from the earth"
"To sustain something means to a)take something apartb) keep it alive"
keep it alive
"A broken bike is useless, something is useless when it a) cannot be usedb) is only used sometimes"
cannot be used
"Coming to the US is a dangerous trip. A dangerous building is a)full of danger b) without danger"
full of danger
When you benefit from something you are
"a)helped by it b) hurt by it c) feel hopeless"
"common means a) part of a groupb) sharedc) comes from the earth"
"nation is another word for a) problems with streamsb)countryc) helping"
"a planet a) are used to help otherb)travels arround the sunc) causes pollution"
travels arround the sun
"Which phase makes a community garden sound good? a)flower and vegetables b)dusty lots c) vacant lots"
flowers and vegetables
"Which sentence encourages you to take action? a) the garden will be very pretty. b)Get started on your garden today"
Get started on your garden today
"It was the smaller car in the world. a) smallest b)most small c) keep the same"
"He is the amazingest thing I have ever seen. a)most amazing b)more amazing c)make no changes"
most amazing
for long words for three or more things add more
"Maybe he will be tallest than any statue in the state. a) more tall than b) taller than c)keep the same"
taller than
"Salmon used to be the beautifulest place in our town for picnics. a)change to most beautiful b) change to beautifuler c)don't change"
change to most beautiful
How are both jobs the same? a) they both take care of people b)They both give you a warm feeling."
They both give you a warm feeling make sure your answer comes from reading
"Damage means a) environmental problems b) harm"
b) harm