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all those rights, privileges and improvements that belong to and pass with the transfer of property but are not necessarily part of the actual property, pass with the real property
ex. righs-of-way, easements, water rights
Chattel Real
are annexed to real esate

ex. lease
Community Property
each spouse has an equal interest in the property acquired, signatures of both spouses recquired on listing contract, no dower curtesy nor survivorship rights exist
Concurrent Tenancy/ownership
ownership by two or more persons at the same time, such as joint tenants, tenants by the entirety , tenants in common or community property owners
two or more persons own an undivided interest in the same property, consists of different forms
husband is usually not entitled to this if he is guilty of desertion or neglect
fee simple defeasible, under certain circumstances ownership can be defeated/taken away
Defeasible- Determinable
automatic reversion back to grantor, have title until some event occurs, dont have to sue, "outside"
Defeasible- Conditionalu
not automatic have to sue, have title/ownership provided that some condition does or does not exist, "inside"
"let & demise"
death, convenant of quiet employment by lessor to guarantee that the lessee will not be disturbed
Determinate duration
definite duration, non-freehold, dont own it just hold posession of it, lease hold
not in AZ, right of widower to 100% of his/her deceased husband/wife's estate
right acquired by one party to use the land of another for a special purpose, a right or interest in use not an ownership in the land
Easement- Appurtenant
an easement that runs with the land
Easement- Dominant
dominant property, adjacent parcel, derives benefit from servient estate
Easement-in gross
personal in nature, does not pass with land because it does not benefit or attatch to a dominant estate, interest to a person
easement- by necessity
easement created by court of law,