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new jersey's real estate license lawn is known as
title 45
a new jersey resident does not need a license to
draw up a binding lease for a new tenant in a property the residents owns.
a real estate license is valid for
two years
according to the law, to obtain a salesperson's license one must reach the age of
a broker must have completed how many hours of study beyond the original salespersons course
the prelicense course must be taken over if the student does not apply for a license within
one year
a nonresident broker requesting a new jersey license must
agree to be sued in NJ
an honorably discharged war veteran with a service connected wound or disability may
be exempted from payment of license fees
if a princliple broker dies, associted salespersons should promptly
have one of their members apply for a temporary broker's license
the real estate commission has how many members
a real estate salesperson received his or her own
pocket identification card
which of the following are never allowed to sell real estate without a license
insurance brokers
the guaranty fund is supported by
fees paod at first license application
real estate brokers may need special registration when selling some
out-of-state properties
rental referral agencies must
furnish prospective tenants with a written contract
terry, an unlicensed assistant, is asked over the phone "how many bedrooms are there in that house at 78 oak street?" terry is allowed to
give no answer to the questions about the property
new jersey requires the broker who sells out-of-state subdivided lands to
register with the state
in new jersey, the buyer who purchases out-of-state subdivided land may cancel the contract for no reason within
seven calendar days
a developer advertises properties for sale in vermont to new jersey residents. the advertisements are all in french. any additional forms, contracts, or other materials that are made available to prospective purchasers must be in
an apartment is listed with a rental referral agency, but its not actively advertised to the public. how frequently must the agency check the apartments availability
every three days