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Agency Contracts must be?
Must contain?
1) in writing
2) a. name & address of broker, of principal
c. terms & cond.,
d. compensation amt.
e. date
f. exp. date
g. type of agreement
h. acknowlegement of FH laws
i. signatures
property condition disclosue report
sellers are required to disclose before any offer is made
Hazardous Waste Law (Super Lien)
nonres. prop. in CT
must b inspected, analyzed, treadted & cleaned if hazardous wastes exist
CT Advertising
1) Broker's name
2) If other broker lists must give permission
CT Electronic Advertising
1)salesperson's name & office address
2) broker name
3) staes where liscensed
4) date when prop. was updated
When can a Broker place a sign on a property? (2)
1) permission
2) listing agreement
CT Tenants in Commoon
conveyyance by deed to 2 or more people
CT Joint Tenancy
Hold equal & unequal shares of prop.
What happens if a Join Tennant dies w/a lien on his share?
Still a lien present
IN CT do u need a 3rd party when conveying property to himself or others as joint tenants?
CT Tenancy Entirety
doesn't exist
Property Pertaining to marriage
1) Aquired prior to marriage remain sep.

2) may aquire prop. w/others or eachother during marriage
Limited Liability Co. (LLC)
1) doesn't limi owners to 35
2) combines the tax status of partnerships w/the limited liability of a corp.
CT Condominuim
community where the units r owned sep. & the common areas r owned by all the unit owners together as tenants in common
CT Cooperative
all the real property is owned by an assoc. unit owners r members of the assoc. & have the right of exclusive possesion of a particular unit
Planned Community (PUD)
unit owners own their lots & an assoc. owns common areas
Common interest Ownership Act
declaration b filed & recorded in the land records of the town where the common interest ownership prop. is located. includes, co-ops, condos & PUDs
How many days does a buyer have to cancel in a common interest contract?
15 days after receiving public offering statement