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as the word relates freehold how land is held. As it relates to non freehold it describes how long an interest is held. The period of time that a tenant is permitted to remain in possession of anothers property. Also relative to freehold estate how one enjoys their relationship to real propery alone (in severalty) or concurrently with others ( jointly or in common
Tenancy at will
one that can be terminated by either party at any time. Also referred to as an estate at will
Tenancy by sufferance
tenancy that exists when a tenant holds over wrongfully after the termination of a lease
Tenancy by entirety
Tenancy by entirety an estate held by husband and wife which cannot be terminated without the consent of both parties
Tenancy for yrs
Tenancy for yrs one which that gives the tenant the right to occupy property for affixed period of time also known as a freehold and an estate for years or an estate for term
Tenancy from year to year
one that continues for a year and is then automatically renewed each ensuring yr unless notice of termination is given
Tenancy in common
ownership by two or more persons by separate and distinct titles upon death interest passes to heirs or beneficiaries and not to the other tenant in common
Tenancy in partnership
a type of concurrent ownership in which the partners as co owners hold specific partnership assets both real and personal
Tenancy in severalty
Ownership by one only
Group boycott
two or more companies get together
& decide not to cooperate
misrepresentation to mislead
Statute of fraud
A agreement 4 the sale of real estate
Must be in writing
a substition of a new contract for the existing one. when a new party is substituded for one of the orignal parties or a new contract is terms are agreed.
cancellation of A contract
when someone doesn’t pay 4 repairs