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Joint ownership where there is no right of survivorship
Tenancy in Common
Joint ownership with the right of survivorship.
Joint Tenancy
Property owned jointly by husband and wife (in WA & other community property states)
Community Property
The right by which the surviving joint tenant(s) acquire a joint tenant's interest in the property upon his death.
Right of Survivorship
Permanent damage to real property caused by the party in possession harming the interests of other estate holders.
A fee simple estate that carries a qualification, so that ownership may revert to the grantor if a specified event occurs or a condition is not met. Also called a defeasible fee.
Qualified Fee
The highest & most complete form of ownership, which is of potentially infinite duration.
Fee Simple Absolute
Water rights established by obtaining a government permit, and not based on ownership of land beside a body of water
Appropriative rights
The support that a piece of land recieves from the surrounding land.
Lateral Support
The support that a peice of land receives from the underlying earth.
Subjacent Support
In the Government Survey System, the main North-South line in a particular grid, used as the starting point in numbering the ranges & township tiers.
Principle Meridian
A visible marker (natural or artificial) used in a survey or a metes & bounds description to establish the boundaries of a piece of property.
The starting point in Metes & Bounds description; a monument or a poin described by reference to a monument
point of beginning
In Metes & Bounds description, a direction stated in terms of a compass bearing.
The water rights of a landowner whose land borders on a stream or other surface water. These rights allow only reasonable use of the water.
Riparian Rights
Land bordered by a stationary body of water, such as a lake or pond.
Littoral Land
In the government survey system, a strip of land six miles wide, running north and south.