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yī, one
nǚ, woman
rén, human being, person
èr, two
sān, three
shí, ten
lì, strength
nán, male
yì, skill, art
yì, a hundred million
yĕ, also
tā, she, her
tā, he, him
mén, gate
mén, pluralizing suffix for pronouns and certain nouns
shŏu, hand
wŏ, I, me
zhăo, to look for, to visit, to give change
xiăo, be small, be little
nĭ, you
tā, it
le, a particle placed after verbs or sentences that means "changed status" or "completed action"
zĭ, child
tāmén, they, them (feminine)
tāmén, they, them (masculine)
wŏmen, we, us
nĭmen, you (plural)
tāmén, they, them (not human beings)
hăo, be good, be well
lèi, be tired
hĕn, very
kŏu, mouth; a measure for human beings
mā horse
ma, a particle: at the end of a sentence it makes the sentence into a question
yán, word, words
shéi, who? whom?
dà, be big
fū, husband, "big man"
dàifu, medical doctor
fūren, Mrs., Madam
tiān, heaven, God, day, natural
qì, breath, vapors, exhalation, animus, energy, soul
xiào, to laugh, smile, to ridicule
ér, child, son
érzi, son
xīn, be bitter, be toilsome
xìng, lucky
zhū, lord, host; principal; to indicate
zhù, to live, to stay; to stop; verb-ending
zhù, to comment on, to annotate; to concentrate on; note, commentary; to pour into; bet, stake; a measure for business transactions or for sums of money
ăi, be short (not tall)