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What is Project Head Start?
(1965) Funded a preschool program for disadvantaged children
What was Medicare?
(1965) established a comprehensive health insurance program for all elderly people financed through Social Security System.
What was the Great Society?
Johnson's vision of the more perfect and equitable society the US could and should become. It contained lots of programs. Goals were to help the "war on poverty" to build a better society for all.
Who was Lee Harvey Oswald?
A confused and embittered Marxist who was in the Soviet Union. He was accused of assasinating Kennedy. Was shot by Jack Ruby
Who is Fidel Castro?
The dictator of Cuba that overthrew the Gov't and turned cuba communist.
What was the war on poverty?
Johnson's goal to fight poverty in america that was one of Johnson's goals for the Great Society.
What is the Missile Gap?
when the US lagged behind the Soviets in Weaponry
What is Flexible Response?
Different ways of responding to warfare unlike Eisenhower.
What was the Space Race?
The competition to be the first to explore space.
What was the Alliance for Progress?
A series of cooperative aid projects w/ Latin America. They wanted to create a "free and prosperous Latin America" that wouldn't turn communist.
What was the Peace Corps?
It was founded by Kennedy and it was an organization that sent young Americans to perform humanitarian services in these countries for 2 years. (was a legacy)
Who was Esther Peterson?
An assistant secretary of Labor, director of women's bureaus of the depart ment of labor. Was w/ kennedy at a prominent position
What was the Volunteers in Service to America?
(a domestic Peace Corps) worked in poor areas. Part of the Great Society in 1964.
What was the Bay of Pigs?
in 1961. Kennedy followed up on Eisenhower's plant ot overthrow Cuba, and it failed miserably.
What was the Berlin Wall?
A wall built to stop East Germans from going to the West side, and it was built by Kruschev it lasted 30 years.
What was HUD?
(The Department of Housing and Urban Development) (part of the Great Society that still survives today!)
What was the Warren Commision?
When Earl Warren conclued that Oswald was the only assasin for Kennedy. (1964)
Who was Earl Warren?
in 1953 popular Republican governer of California. while Cheif Justice of the U.S. created the Warren Commision.
Who was Barry Goldwater?
Johnson's opponent in the '64 election very conservative. People thought he was too aggressive.
What was the OEO?
The Office of Economic Opportunity. ffice of Economic Opportunity was the agency responsible for administering most of the War on Poverty programs created as part of United States President Lyndon B. Johnson's Great Society legislative agenda.
What was the Economic Opportunity Act?
Signed by Lyndon B. Johnson on August 20, 1964, the Economic Opportunity Act of 1964 was central to Johnson's Great Society campaign and its War on Poverty. Implemented by the since disbanded Office of Economic Opportunity, the Act included several social programs to promote the health, education, and general welfare of the poor. Although most of the initiatives in the Act have since been modified, weakened, or altogether rolled back, its remaining programs include Head Start, and Job Corps. Remaining War on Poverty programs are managed by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services's Office of Community Services.
What was the New Frontier?
JFK's Plan for the better future of America. Had lots of programs in it too. 2.1 Economy
2.2 Wages
2.3 Housing
2.4 Unemployment
2.5 Medical
2.6 Equal rights
2.7 Crime
Who was John F. Kennedy?
35th President of the US had the New Frontier, was catholic, young, handsome, ran against Nixon. Was assasinated by Oswald. Idolized FDR.
Who was Richard Nixon?
37th President of the US. Ran against JFK in the election.