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to examine and to judge carefully
Referring to specific text that is included in the reading passage or in the directions
text written to explain and convey information about a specific topic. Contrasts with narrative text
Expository Text
Narrative intended to convey a moral. Animals or inanimate objects with human characteristics often serve as characters in _________
Short narratives featuring mythical beings such as fairies, elves, and sprites. These tales originally longed to the folklore of a particular nation or region such as those collected in Germany by Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm
Fairy Tale
Any story that is the product of imaginatino rather than a documentation of fact. Characters and events in such narratives may be based in real life but their ultimate form and configuration is a creation of the author
cannot be taken literally since it was written to create a special effect or feeling
Figurative Language
relates events as they are perceived by a single character. The main charter tells the story and may offer opinions about the action and characters that differ from those of the author
First Person
device used in literature to present action that occured before the beginning of the story.________are often introduced as the dreams or recollections of one or more characters
the clean,easy,written or spoken expression od ideas; freedom from word-identification problems that might hinder comprehension in silent reading or the expression of ideas in oral reading
the center of interest or attention