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Dborrah Sampson
indentured servant
enlisted as a man
robert shurtleff
discovered after injury
thomas paine
wrote "common sense"
wrote "american crisis"
wrote "rights of man"
wrote "age of reason"
john Hancock
extrememly wealthy
elected governor of massachusets
largest signature on declaraion of independence
abetted tea party
sybil ludington
female paul revere
rode forty miles
burning of danbury, connecticut. sent her riding
George III
went insance and blind
strongly supported war against colonies
had 15 children
king of ireland as well
Betsey Ross
Real name elizabeth claypoole
3 husbands. 7 children
made 1st american flag/famle with flag a good image for gorwing economy
washington traced the design
Margaret Corbin
fought at Fort Washington
took over canon when husband was killed
sustained horrendous injuries
first women to receive a pension
Paul Revere
midnight ride
henry wadsworth longfellow poet
molly pitcher
broght soldiers water
paid to fight
germain origin
oalexanfer hamilton
established first bank of american
killed in duel by Burr IN 1804
1ST secretary of treasury
aaron burr
kiled hamilton
VP under jefferson
wanted to establish new country in south mexico
charged with treason
benedict arnold
joined with ethan allen at fort ticonderoga
begin treasonable correspondence with clinton in NY
offered to betray West Point for $ and British commission
plot discovered/exiled to england/unrewarded