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1. one who never minds about himself but about others.
2. My sister is an altruist, she always minds about us more than herself.
1.A person who turns away from everyone and wants to be alone.
2. Lilian is an introvert, she always does her work alone and never asks for help.
1. One who puts himself first.
2. That girl is an egoist, she does everything for herself alone.
1. When a man is married to more than one wive.
2. I do like men who are polygyny.
1. The height of conceit.
2. her egotist made her fail the exam because she assumed she knew everything.
1. One who cares more about himself.
2. She is very egocentric with all that she does.
1. One who is madly obessed with himself.
2.i have nevr seen such an egomaniacal person, he believes his the best.
1. One who hates women.
2. my brother is a mistogynist because his marriage never worked out right.
1. When a woman has more than one man or is married to more than one man.
2. She is a polyandry and i don't know how she manages to handle her husdands.
1. A person who hates attachment or commintment.
2. Chris is a misogamist, she will may never get married.
1. One who live in self-denial and believes in a simple way of live.
2. stop being an ascetic, live today like there was no tommorow.
1. When one has more than two marriages at one time.
2. That is a polygamy family and they all stay together in that big house.
1. When you have more than one choice to choose from.
2. Do i have any other alternative on this case.
1. A person who studies the health of women.
2. I went to see my gynecologist today.
1. The left hand.
2. my Gauche does very little when it comes to work and so i use my right hand more often.
1. When you hate everyone and at times yourself.
2. She is a misanthrope and i never feel comfortable with her around.
1. a person who has more interest to helping others, and being together with the crowd.
2. Please Sydney do not be too much of an extrovert because sometimes you may put yourselve into trouble.
1. The study of humans and its development.
2. During my anthropology class last semester i learned a lot about human origin.
1. When one is having two marriages at one time.
2. It is illegal to practice bigamy in America.
1. A person who likes the crowd and himself.
2. my mum is an ambivert, she loves being with the society and at times spend time with herself.
1. A person who loves humanity and does all he can to support it.
2. she is a philanthropist and likes attending those humanitarian seminars.
1.when one is married to only one woman and or man.
2. That is a beautiful monogamy family.
1. When one is able to use both hands in doing skills.
2. That girl is ambidextrous, she writers better with her left hand than right.