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A primary alcohol which is oxidised initally forms a ... ?
An Aldehyde
A primary alcohol which goes through two oxidation reactions forms a ...?
Carboxylic Acid
a secondary alcohol is oxidised to a ...?
Ketone - ie. it loses two H+ which form H2O with free O the remaining O of the OH double bonds to the C
Tertiary alcohol are oxidised to ... ?
There is no oxidation reaction involving tertiary alcohols.
An alcohol and a carboxylic acid react to form ... ?
Ester and H2O
An aldehyde can be form via oxidation of which organic functional group?
Primary Alcohol
A carboxylic acid can be form from an alcohol, which alcohol is involved and what other function groups are involved.
Primary alcohol and it becomes an aldehyde first.
an ester is formed by the reaction of which two functional groups?
Alcohol and carboxylic acid.