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no residue is left
no metal is present (if residue is left, it probablly contains a metal)
carbon dioxide gas is produced
carnonate is present
oxyggen gas is produced
substance contains oxygen. substance may be a metal oxide or nitrate.
ammonia gas is produced
ammonium salt is present
solid changes color from green to black
solid is copper(II) carbonate
solid changes color f rom white to yellow hwen hot and back to white on cooling
yellow solid is zinc oxide
colorless drops of liquid condensed on cool walls of test tube
water of crystallization is present
with blue litmus paper
lue litmus turns red
with universal indicator
indicator turns to an acid dcolor such as red or orange
with metals such as magnesium
bubbles of hydrogen gas which burn with a pop sound
with carbonates such as calcium carbonate
bubbles of carbon dioxide gas which turns limewater milky
with sulphites such as sodium suphite
sulphur dioxide as evolved which as a very strong smell and turns potassium dichromate(VI) from orange to green
with metal oxides such as copper(II) oxide
metal oxide dissolves in acid without a gas being produced