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used to compute monthly payments for various loan amounts at various interest rates and terms
Amortization table
the rate of interest that is considered a reasonable return on the investment and used in the process of determining value based on net income. It may be also be described the yiedl rate of that is necessary to attract the money of the average investor to a particular kind of investment.
Capitialization rate
When property is transferred, state law allows the
country recorder o apply a documentary transfer tax. The amount of the tax is
placed on the deed and is computed based on the following schedule
Documentary Transfer Tax
The division of a commission between participating sales
Commission split
Principal x rate x time The change in dollars for the use of money for
a period of time. In a sense, the "rent" paid for the use of money.
he period that sets apart the whole number from the fractional part
of a number.
The employer of an agent or the amount.
7. Principal:
Adjustments of interest, taxes, and insurance on a pro rata basis as
of closing date.