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Believer's baptism
the baptism of adults in the baptist church.
a senior priest who carries the responsibility for all churches in an area ,ordains priest and performs confirmations.
Breaking of Bread
the name given to the service of Holy Communion in some Protestant Churches.
the Christian festival which is celebrated on 25 December;commemorates the birth of jesus
the Christian festival at which the death and resurrection of jesus is remembered.
Holy Communion
this service is held in most Christian Churches to commemorate the death of jesus;also called the Mass,the Devine Litergy ,the Breaking of Bread and wine,the Eucharist and the Lord's Supper.
Methodist Church
the Protestant Church founded in the eighteenth century by John Wesley
New Testament
the second part of the Christian Bible;that contains the Gospels and the Epistles written by early Christian leader.
Nuptual Mass
the mass that a couple share after being married in Roman Catholic church
a special Christian service in which God's blessing is given through a physical object such as bread,wine oil or water.
a stone or wooden receptacle inside many churches,which holds the water used in infant baptism
Which demonination does not celebrate Holy Communion at all?
The Salvation Army and the Quakers.
What do the Catholics call Holy Communion?
They celebrate Mass every day of the week.
What do the Baptists call the Holly Communion?
The breaking of bread.
What do the Methodists call Holy Communion?
The Lord's Supper
What is the main difference that The Catholics believe in taking Holy Communion that other churches do not.
The bread and wine are consecrated (dedicated) to God, Catholics believe that it then becomes the actual body and blood of Jesus. Other churches belive that they are just symbols to represent the body and blood of Jesus.
What two things are shared during the Holy Communion Service?
1) The word of God. : a bible passage/s are read and explained by the priest.
2) The bread and wine.
Why do Christians feel that Holy Communion is so necessary to them?
Christians believe Holy Communion is spritiual food for their body. They receive forgivness for sins, & develop gifts of the Holy Spirit.
What are the gifts of the Holy Spirit?
Faith, Hope and Love.
What is reconcilliation?
And which denomination practises it frequently?
Reconcilliation is the confessing of sin by people to the priest.
Catholics practise this alot, especially before Christmas and Easter.
What is Ordination?
The Bishop lays his hands on the head of the new priest as they receive the power of the Holy Spirit for the work that lies ahead. Priest can now conduct Mass and other sacraments by the authority of the church.
In what religion can only men become ordained into the church?
The Roman Catholic Church.
What is the anointing of the sick?
Healing service for people who are sick. Roman Catholics priest prayers and anointing (touching) the head and hands of the sick person with special oil. If the person is dying, the bread and wine provide the food for the journey into the next life.
How many sacraments do the Roman Catholics have?
How many sacraments do some other churches regard?
Name the churches and the sacraments.
Anglican Church, Baptist, Methodist Churches.
Baptism and Holy Communion
Methodist-baptises infants.
Who said these words?
Is any one of you sick? He should call the elders of the church to pray over him and anoint him with oil in the name of the Lord. And the prayer offered in faith will make the sick person well.
James in the New Testament.
What is the difference between the sacrament of marriage and the other sacraments celebrated in the Roman Catholic Church?
The bride and groom bless each other when they share the Nuptual Mass at the edn of the marriage service. Other Mass' it is the priest who gives God's blessings.
What are the 3 most important Christian sacraments?
Baptism,Holy Communion and Confirmation
Where does the infant baptism takes place in a church?
around the font
In the baptist church who are baptised?
the adults,not the babies
When can they get baptised
after they have made a public confession of their faith in jesus
When they get baptised what is the name of the special pool?
a baptistry
What 2 things are shared when a church celebrates holy communion?
the word of God-bible passages and the bread and wine
In which church does baptism and confirmation take place in the ceremony and what is this ceremony called
the Orthodox Church and this ceremony is called christmation
When is the central part of the confirmation service reached?
when the candidate kneels in front of the bishop,who lays his hands on their head
What does the Holy Spirit represent?
the power of God
No one can live a Christian life unless what?
they have God's power and strenght to do so