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Social & Personal Values
Beliefs and behaviors that an individual or a society deems important to it's welfare.
Conspicuous Consumption
Buying products to show status.
Conspicuous Display
Wearing only expensive name brand clothing
Time Sense
Refers to how people comprehend time.
Cylical Time
The organization of time around cycles or recurring events from the natural world or daily life.
Linear Time
Organized around definite beginning and ending points, each increment occurs only once and is never repeated.. clock driven
The Latin word that means to omit or allow freedom.
The Greek term which means activity pursued for it's own sake.
An activity for which one is obligated or paid money
Intrinsic Motivation
moved from within, results in personal feelings of satisfaction
Latin word for refresh
Latin word for restore
Anglo-Saxton word for meaning game, sport or fight
Latin word for blow, thrust or stroke in a game or combat
Play Defined
Doing something for it's own sake, for the satisfaction of the moment
Birth to 18 months
Not as much structure, need stimulation for development. Infant exercise
18 months to 3 years
Builds confidence empahasis on gross and motore success, parallel play and exploration- copy.
3 to 5 years
Don't need as much feedback, balance of structured and unstructured experimentation and risk taking, need controlled setting (show n tell)
Activity which carries it's own drive (nash)
Traditional Playground
Provides gross motor play, kids get bored easy here, high injury rates.

Steel slides, merrygo rounds, monkey bars
Contemporary Playground
Creative pieces connected equipment , use common objects (tire), wide variety of interaction, hard to insure due to high injury rates
Adventure Playground
Popular after world war II, children use own tools build plaground with low initial cost, and high stimulation; hard for children to insure
Modern Playground (Combines all 3)
Knew needed safety concerns- more common
Serious Leisure
Pursuit of a hobby or volunteer activity
-marathon running, give own time
Casual Leisure
Includes relaxation, passive entertainment such as watching television
Outdoor Recreation (5 components)
Planning, Traveling, Doing it, Returning from activity, reminicing
Ethical Fitness
Capacity to recognize moral challenges basis for making choices personal, professional, and environmental
Leisure opportunity
How this behavior might effect the environment and others in the community.
Jensen's Hierchy of Leisure
Service to others, Creative endevours, Active Participation, Emotional Involvement in another's performance, Amusement and Time fillers, Acts destructive to society (self- graphitti)