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list the telinit arguments.
0-9 Tells the init process to put the system in one of the run levels 0-9.
S,s,M,m Tells the init process to enter the maintenance mode.
a,b,c Tells the init process to examine only those records in the /etc/inittab
file with a, b, or c in the run level field.
Q,q Tells the init process to re-examine the entire /etc/inittab file.
N Sends a signal that stops processes from being respawned.
what is syslogd?
The syslog function on AIX is provided by the syslogd daemon. The syslogd
daemon reads a datagram socket and sends each message line to a destination
described by the /etc/syslog.conf configuration file.
how can you recycle the sylogd daemon?
# stopsrc -s syslogd
# startsrc -s syslogd
what is telinit?
The telinit command directs the actions of the init process (process ID 1) by
taking a one-character argument and signaling the init process to perform the
appropriate action. In general, the telinit command sets the system at a
specific run level.
what are the prerequisites for running the refresh command?
The prerequisites for using the refresh command are:
 The SRC must be running.
 The resource you want to refresh must not use the signals communications
 The resource you want to refresh must be programmed to respond to the
refresh request.
what is the /usr/lib/spell/compress command?
The /usr/lib/spell/compress command
is a shell script to compress the spell program log.
which files control which users can run the crontab command?
The /var/adm/cron/cron.allow and /var/adm/cron/cron.deny files control which
users can use the crontab command.
what is the srcmstr?
The srcmstr daemon is the System Resource Controller (SRC). The srcmstr daemon
spawns and controls subsystems, handles short subsystem status requests, passes
requests on to a subsystem, and handles error notification.
what is a run level?
A run level is a software configuration that allows only a
selected group of processes to exist.
what is the skulker command used for?
The skulker command is a command file for periodically purging obsolete or
unneeded files from file systems.
what is the System Resource Controller?
The System Resource Controller (SRC) provides a set of commands and
subroutines to make it easier for the system manager and programmer to create
and control subsystems.
how is the SRC started?
The System Resource Controller (SRC) is started during system initialization
with a record for the /usr/sbin/srcmstr daemon in the /etc/inittab file. The default
/etc/inittab file already contains such a record, so starting the SRC may be
what is the smdemon.cleanu command?
The smdemon.cleanu command is a shell procedure that cleans up the sendmail
command queue and maintains the /var/spool/mqueue/log file.
what does the refresh command do?
The refresh command sends the System Resource Controller a subsystem
refresh request that is forwarded to the subsystem. The refresh action is
If the /etc/inittab file does not already contain a record for the srcmstr daemon,
you can add one using what procedure:
1. Make a record for the srcmstr daemon in the /etc/inittab file using the mkitab
command. For example:
mkitab -i fbcheck srcmstr:2:respawn:/usr/sbin/srcmstr
2. Tell the init command to reprocess the /etc/inittab file by entering:
telinit q
in 5L, the default runlevel of srcmstr is 23456789. what was the runlevel in previous versions?
what does the startsrc command do?
The startsrc command sends the System Resource Controller (SRC) a request
to start a subsystem or a group of subsystems or to pass on a packet to the
subsystem that starts a subserver.
A crontab file contains entries for each cron job. Entries are separated by
newline characters. Each crontab file entry contains six fields separated by
spaces or tabs in what format?
minute hour day_of_month month weekday command