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Creates an additional paging space.
what are the rules for default paging space?
Paging space can use no less than 16 MB, except for hd6. In AIX Version
4.2.1, hd6 can use no less than 32 MB, and in AIX Version 4.3 and later, no
less than 64 MB.
 Paging space can use no more than 20 percent of the total disk space.
 If real memory is less than 256 MB, paging space is two times real memory.
 If real memory is greater than or equal to 256 MB, paging space is 512 MB.
what file contains changes made with the swapon -a, mkps -a, rmps, and chps -a command?
Activates a paging space.
reducing the size of hd6 is a 15 step process including creating temporary space and new boot images and reboots. is this the same in 5L?
no. in 5L, you can use the chps -d command.
Removes an inactive paging space.
5L introduces the chps -d, what does this allow?
the size of a paging space to be decreased without having to deactivate it,then reboot, then
remove the paging space, then recreate it with a smaller size, and then
reactivate it.
what does the lsps -s command provide?
a summary of the total active paging space and its current utilization.
can active paging space be removed in 5L?
yes, use the swapoff command then you can remove the ps with the rmps command.
what command is used to list all the paging space on the box?
lsps -a
give an example of how you would remove paging space in 5L.
# swapoff /dev/paging00
# rmps paging00
rmlv: Logical volume paging00 is removed.
Deactivates one or more paging spaces.
Changes the attributes of a paging space.
what is the command to determine your amount of real memory?
lsattr -E -l sys0 -a realmem
can active paging space be removed?
no, it must be set inactive with chps after which the system must be rebooted for the change to take effect.
A special procedure is required to remove the default paging space (hd6). This
paging space is activated during boot time by shell scripts that configure the
system. How could this be accomplished?
To remove one of the default paging spaces, these scripts must be
altered, and a new boot image must be created.
Displays the characteristics of a paging space.