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what 3 options can u modify in the aix 5L 5.1 advanced options screen?
1. installation package set or desktop.
2. enable trusted computing base.
3. enable 64-bit kernal and jfs2
can TCB be added post install?
how are ptf's installed? apar's installed?
ptf with installp like any other fileset. apar with instfix.
what is the /etc/preserve.list file for?
contains a list of system files to be copied and saved during a preservation BOS installation.
what does the inutoc command do?
rebuilds the toc

inutoc [directory name]
although 5.l allows you to install the 64 bit kernel, what else must you do to use it?
enable it.
what command will indentify the bit level of your hardware?
bootinfo -y
can the 64 bit kernel be installed after the initial installation?
yes, by installing the bos.mp64 fileset.
what is fixdist?
ibm release freely available service tool designed to help download fixes and their prerequisites.
installp flags c,p,r and u mean what?
commit, preview, reject, and remove
what is the lslpp command used for?
displays info. about installed filesets or fileset updates.
what advantages does the jfs2 filesystem offer?
files sizes up to 1 terrabyte, architectural maximum file sizes of 4 petabytes, enhanced journaled file system.
where are the system and user bundles kept?
/usr/sys/[sys_bundles | user_bundles]
what are the 3 installation methods?
1. new and complet overwrite
2. migration install
3. preservation install
what are the system defined bundles in 5L v 5.1?
App-Dev, CDE, GNOME, KDE, Media-Defined, Netscape, devices, wsm_remote
what is the software packaging hierarchy?
filles > packages > LPP licensed program products > bundles
what fileset is installed if you choose to install TCB?
what is a PTF
program temporary fix
what is an APAR?
authorized program analysis report
what are new, mig, and pres for?
new= brand new overwrite all
mig= basically an upgrade. only overwrites teh /tmp.
pres= saves rootvg only.
when software is installed in the applied state, where is the previous version stored?
what is TCB?
trusted computing base. provides an extra level of security and ensures that whatever you are trying to run is actually run.
in order to use alternate disk installation, what filesets must be installed?
bos.alt_disk_install.boot_images also bos.alt_disk_install.rte if not using NIM, in order to be able to clone rootvg