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what retransmission rate is considered high?
a retransmission rate of 5 percent is considered high.
NFS daemons can be started by what fastpath?
smitty mknfs
What is the nfsstat
the nfsstat
command determines whether you are dropping packets.
The act of a client accessing the file systems that a server
which commands can be used to determine if the client or server is retransmitting
large blocks. Retransmissions are always a possibility due to lost packets or busy
the nfsstat -c and nfsstat -s commands to determine if the client or server is retransmitting
large blocks.
how does mount work?
From the /usr/sbin/rpc.mountd daemon on the server and
the /usr/sbin/mount command on the client. The mountd
daemon is a Remote Procedure Call (RPC) that answers
a client request to mount a file system. The mountd
daemon finds out which file systems are available by
reading the /etc/xtab file. In addition, the mountd daemon
provides a list of currently mounted file systems and the
clients on which they are mounted.
what is the procedure for changing an exported nfs directory with a text editor?
1. unexport it:
exportfs -u /dirname
2. edit /etc/exports file
3. make changes
4. re-export:
exportfs /dirname
an NFS server is stateless, what does this mean?
an NFS server does not have to remember
any transaction information about its clients.
how can you access a list of a servers exported file systems?
showmount -e host_name
how is remote file access accomplished?
From the /usr/sbin/nfsd daemon on the server and the
/usr/sbin/biod daemon on the client. Handles client
requests for files. The biod daemon runs on all NFS client
systems. When a user on a client wants to read or write to
a file on a server, the biod daemon sends this request to
the server.
what is the rpcinfo command used for?
Reports the status of Remote Procedure Call (RPC) servers.

helps identify services such as mountd, portmap, etc.
fastpath for NFS export?
smitty mknfsexp
what is the procedure for changing and exported nfs directory in smit?
1. unexport it:
exportfs -u /dirname
2. smitty chnfsexp
3. make changes
4. re-export:
exportfs /dirname
The act of making file systems available to remote clients.
what command will start the NFS daemons immediately?
mknfs -N
what file is edited to create NFS mounts via text editor?
what are the 3 types of NFS mounts?
Predefined, explicit, and automatic.
fastpath for unexporting NFS
smitty rmnfsexp
what command is entered to attain the current status of all NFS daemons?
lssrc -g nfs