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how to ds
3 ways
1.random glucose >200 or greater in a symptomatic patient sis diagnostic
2. 2 hours- 75% oral glucose tolerance test > 200 mg/ dl

3.fasting blood sugar( FBS) . 126 mg/ dl that must be confirm on subsequent day
when t o order glucose tolerance test
RF fro DM 2 type
type I pathogenesis
no insulin production>>> insulin dependentDM- IDDM
chance to get IDDM in monos twins and who could be sick
50 % , young adult and chidren
what types of DM 1
type A - positive autoimmune markers with anti islet AB and / or anti glutamic acid decarboxylase ( Anti GAD AB)
type B has no detectable AB
what is LADA
latent autoimm diabetes of adult hood
... no insulin production>>>IDDM
15 % of older new onset DM and will have + anti GAD AB
type 2 DM pathogenesis
perif insulin resistance.>>>noninsulin dependent DM ( NIDDM
30 % if 1 of parents are affect
90 % if both
what is MODY
maturity onset diabeters( genetic mutation- >>>> affect beta cell fuctions
when will be secondary DM
1acromegaly- insulin blocked by GF
2 glucocorticoid exess
3 hemachromatosis
4 glucanoma