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Who provides policy guidance on Navy's Physical Readiness and Nutrition Programs?
Chief of Naval Personnel
What is the principal goal of the Physical Readiness Program?
create a culture of fitness to enhance a member's ability to complete tasks that support the command's mission
How many physical readiness test are there a year?
How many physical activities is the CO required to have during the week?
How long are the physical activites required to be?
40 minutes in duration
How many articles make up the Code of Conduct?
From what part of the world does the U.S. import most of its crude oil?
Middle East
Someone in a command position makes sexual advances towards you, making it impossible to do your job. You are being sexually harassed.
Navy Regulations, article 1104, Treatment and Release of Prisoners, prohibits cruel and/or unusual treatment. According to this article, prisoners must be checked on at what minimum interval?
4 hours
Failure to obey any regulation subjects the offender to charges under what UCMJ article?
When, if ever, may you voluntarily surrender to the enemy?
What person has the responsibility of appointing the command ombudsman?
Commanding officer
Vessels may not discharge unpulped trash within what minimum distance from the U.S. coastline?
Authority in a Boat, provides which of the following officers the authority and responsibility over all persons embarked?
The senior line officer eligible for command at sea
Who is the most senior officer in the Armed Forces?
Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff
Can the President declare war?
How long shall the president and his Vice President serve?
4 years
Who is the Commander In Chief?
The President
The Master Chief Petty Officer of the Navy was officially set up on ____.
1 March 1967 with a tour length of 4 years
What office is the MCPON immediately assigned to?
Chief of Naval Operations
What is article 122?
How long may EMI be assigned per day?
2 hours
What is article 125?
What power does the XO have over a report chit?
He may dismiss it but he can never award punishment.
How long may confinement on bread and water be awarded?
3 days
What is considered the most severe form of punishment?
Reduction in paygrade
What is article 92?
Failure to obey order or regulation
How long does the accused have to submit an appeal once punishment is issued?
5 days
Aboard ship, the CO is addressed as _______, regardless of rank.
Where is Washington's tomb located?
Mount Vernon, Virginia
On ships inport what flag is flown from the stern?
The National Ensign
Do officers in vehicles return salutes?
Only if the vehicle is stopped.
Do you salute officers when you are in civilian clothing?
No only the flag or National anthem.
What time is evening colors?
When are command pennants half masted?
Upon death of the Commanding officer
What flag is flown from a Yard Arm to denote captains mast?
The Union Jack
What space between you and the officer is considered appropriate to begin a salute?
About six paces
How many guns are fired for President's day, Memorial day, or Independence day?
Do ships under way carry out colors?
No. The flag is flown 24 hours a day at the mainmast
A ruler of a foriegn country receives how many guns?
How do you salute if carrying a load in both hands?
Look at the officer and render a verbal greeting.
What is the Pacesetter style of leadership helpful?
When you are working with a new work center or teaching a new maintenance procedure by example
What are the 6 types of leadership styles?
Coercer; Authoritarian; Affiliator; Democratic; Pacesetter; and Coach
What are the paygrade titles for E-8 in the Navy and Marines?
Navy: Senior Chief Petty Officer Marines: First Sergeant or Master Sergeant
What are the Navy's 3 Core Values?
Honor, Commitment, and Courage