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RLS in cholesterol synthesis
HMG Co A reductase

inhibited by cholesterol and statin drugs (competative inhibition with melvalonic acid)
this enzyme converts hmg co a into mevalonic acid
RLS in fatty acid synthesis
acetyl Co a carboxylase

enzyme converts acetyl CoA into malonyl CoA
RLS in beta oxidation of fatty acids
carnitine acetyl transferase I

enzyme in outer mitch mem removes acyl group from fatty actlcarnitine and transfers it back to Co A to produce fatty acly CoA
RLS in glycolysis
phosphofructokinase I

enzyme converts frustose 6 phosphate into fructose 1,6 bisphosphonate
RLS in gluconeogenesis
fructose 1,6 bisphosphatase

enzyme converts fructose 1,6 bisphosphate to fructose 6 phosphate
RLS in glycogen synthesis
glucogen synthase

enzyme forms alpha 1, 4 glycosidic linkages between a glucose unit from UDP glucose and the non reducing end of an existing glycogen chain
RLS in glycogenolysis
liver phosphorylase

enzyme cleaves alpha 1, 4 linkages (releases glucose 1 phosphate) but stops working 4 glucose units from the branch point
RLS in pentose phosphate pathway
glucose 6 phosephate dehydrogenase

G6PD converts glucose 6 phosphate to 6 phosphogluconate
RLS in lipolysis
hormone sensitive lipase

enzyme hydrolyzes triacylglycerol into fatty acid and glycerol
RLS in urea cycle and

citric acid cycle
carbamyl phosphate synthase I,

enxyme converts co2- nh4 -2atp into carbamyl phosphate

citrate synthase
RLS in pyrimidine metabolism
carbamyl phosphate synthase II,

enzyme converts 2 ATP-Co2 glutamine into carbamoyl phosphate

In DNA and RNA, these bases form hydrogen bonds with their complementary purines. Thus the purines - adenine (A) and guanine (G) - pair up with the pyrimidines thymine (T) and cytosine (C) respectively
RLS in purine metabolism
glutamine PRPP aminotransferase

enzyme converts PRPP-glutamine into 5'-phosphoriboysylamine
RLS in heme synthesis
ALA synthase

enzyme converts succinyl CoA glycine into delta aminolevulinic acid
RLS in ketone body synthesis
HMG coA synthase

converts acetoacetylCoA into HmG CoA
what are the 3 biochemical reactions that take place in BOTH the cytosol and the mitochondria
heme synthesis (mitch to cyt to mitch -- only one)

urea and gluconeogenesis
2 in the mitochondrial matrix
beta ox. of fatty acid and TCA
4 processes in the cytosol
pentose phosphate shunt
Fatty acid synthesis
Glycogen synthesis
1 in the inner mitoch matrix
ox phos in the electron transport chain