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Prefferable route of injection during CPR
Signalment of animal
species, age, sex, breed, reproductive status
Drug Legend
Caution: Federal law restricts the use of this drug to use by or on the order of a licensed veterinarian.
Four reactions during biotransformation
Oxidation - loss of electrons

Reduction - gain of electrons

Hydrolysis - H2O molecule added & molecule is split

Conjugation - glucuronic acid added & drug more water soluble
Two mechanisms kidney excretes drugs
glomerula filtration & tubular secretion
3 agencies regulating animal health products
Path of air into lungs
nares, trachea, pharynx/larynx, bronchi, bronchioli, alveoli
Flowrate NRB
200 ml/kg/min always
Discharge instruction - feline neuter
call if V/D, lethargy, bleeding, swelling

restrict activity 1 day

no litter - shredded paper
Supplies needed for intubation
ET tube & inflating syringe
wrap gauze
gauze sponges
eye ointment
Canine Dental Formula
6 incisors, 2 canines, 8 premolars, 4 molars (6 molars bottom)
Feline dental formula
Top: 6 incisors, 2 canines, 6 premolars, 2 molars

Bottom: 6 incisors, 2 canines, 4 premolars, 2 molars
Systolic blood pressure
~ 120 (90-160) mmHg

ABN < 80-90
Diastolic blood pressure
~ 80 (50-90) mmHg
Map (mean) blood pressure
90-100 awake
70-90 anesthesized

ABN < 60-70
Where is doppler placed?
Dorsal pedal, tarsal, metatarsal, coccygeal arteries
How do you measure cuff size?
circumference x 0.4
MAP forumla
diastolic + (systolic - diastolic)/3
Location of IC injection
Between 4-5 rib
Pull back leg
CPR how many compressions per min?
Where do you shave for doppler?
Between large pad and small pads
Absorbable sutures (4)
Vicryl, PDS, Chromic Gut, Dexon Plus
OHE surgery image
Incision: Skin 2cm caudal to umbillicus. Line alba length of incision

Uterine body isolated & traced up to ovary. Suspensory ligament torn & ovary exteriorized. 3 clamp technique - ovarian pedicle ligated with 2-0 chromic gut. Ovary excised. Repeat other side.

Broad ligament torn & cervix visualized. 3 clamp method - ligature around uterine body. Uterine body excised.

Closure: Linea alba 2-0 PDS, SC 3-0 PDS, Skin 3-0 nylon
Female anatomy
Female anatomy
Where do you shave for doppler?
Between large pad and small pads
Theraputic index
higher = safer

Partial Rebreating 02 flow
Induct/Recovery 200ml/kg/min
Maintenance 50ml/kg/min
ASA Status II
Slight risk, minor disease present

neonate, geriatric, obese, skin tumor, local infection
ASA Status III
Moderate risk, obvious disease present

anemia, dehydration, fever, heart murmur
ASA Status IV
High risk, significantly compromised by disease

severe dehydration, shock, high fever, heart disease, diabetes, emaciation
ASA Status V
Extreme risk, moribund
Emergency drugs
epinephrine, SoluDelta, Cortif, Atropine, Calcium, Dopram
CPR pumps:resp rate
1 pesron 10:2
2 people 5:1
Feline Neuter equipment
mosquito hemostat
#10 blade
suture ?
Most commonly used blade #