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I am
je suis
I was
I have
I had
j'ai eu
I should
je devrais
I could
je pourrais
I am going to
je vais à
I can
je peux
I go
je vais
I come
je viens
I would have
I came
je suis venu
I will come
je viendrai
I was coming
je venais
I would come
je viendrais
I like
I love
I liked
j'ai aimé
I would like
je voudrais
I would love
I will like
I will love
I loved
j'ai aimé
I should have liked
je devrais avoir aimé
I should have loved
je devrais avoir ai aimé
I am going to like
je vais aimer
I am going to love
je vais aimer
I could love
je pourrais aimer
I would like to love
je voudrais aimer
I could like
je pourrais aimer
I eat
je mange
I ate
J'ai mangé
I will eat
je mangerai
I should eat
je devrais manger
I have eaten
j'ai mangé
I could eat
je pourrais manger
I am going to eat
je vais manger
I would eat
je mangerais
I think
je pense
I thought
j'ai pensé
I am thinking
je pense
I will think
je penserai
I would think
je penserais
I should think
je devrais penser
I could think
je pourrais penser
I live
je vis
I lived
j'ai vécu
I will live
je vivrai
I would live
je vivrais
I could live
Je pourrais vivre
I should live
je devrais vivre
I would like to live
je voudrais vivre
I sleep
je dors
I slept
j'ai dormi
I am sleeping
je dors
I was sleeping
je dormais
I would sleep
je dormirais
I will sleep
je dormirai
I could sleep
je pourrais dormir
I should sleep
je devrais dormir
I think
je pense
I thought
j'ai pensé
I should think
je devrais penser
I would think
je penserais
I will think
je penserai
I could think
je pourrais penser
I am going to think
je vais penser
I am thinking
je pense
I study
I am studying
I will study
I would study
I could study
je pourrais étudier
I should study
je devrais étudier
I am going to study
je vais étudier
I show
je montre
I am showing
je montre
I will show
je montrerai
I showed
j'ai montré
I have shown
j'ai montré
I would show
je montrerais
I could show
je pourrais montrer
I should show
je devrais montrer
I try
I am trying
I tried
j'ai essayé
I will try
I would try
I could try
je pourrais essayer
I should try
je devrais essayer
I do
je fais
I am doing
je fais
I did
j'ai fait
I have done
j'ai fait
I would do
je ferais
I should do
je devrais faire
I could do
je pourrais faire
I am going to do
je vais faire
I see
je vois
I saw
j'ai vu
I am seeing
je vois
I will see
je verrai
I would see
je verrais
I could see
je pourrais voir
I should see
je devrais voir
I believe
je crois
I believed
j'ai cru
I will believe
je croirai
I would believe
je croirais
I should believe
je devrais croire
I could believe
je pourrais croire
I am going to believe
je vais croire
I put
j'ai mis
I am putting
je mets
I will put
je mettrai
I would put
je mettrais
I should put
je devrais mettre
I could put
je pourrais mettre
I am going to put
je vais mettre
to put on
pour mettre dessus ?
I drink
Je bois
I drank
j'ai bu
I am drinking
je bois
I will drink
je boirai
I would drink
je boirais
I could drink
je pourrais boire
I should drink
je devrais boire
I am going to drink
je vais boire
I wish
je souhaite
I wished
j'ai souhaité
I am wishing
je souhaite
I will wish
je souhaiterai
I would wish
je souhaiterais
I should wish
je devrais souhaiter
I could wish
je pourrais souhaiter
I know
Je sais
I knew
j'ai su
I will know
je saurai
I am going to know
je vais savoir
I would know
je saurais
I should know
je devrais savoir
I could know
je pourrais savoir
I understand
je comprends
I understood
j'ai compris
I am understanding
je comprends
I will understand
je comprendrai
I would understand
je comprendrais
I should understand
je devrais comprendre
I could understand
je pourrais comprendre
I am going to understand
je vais comprendre
I become
Je deviens
I became
je suis devenu
I will become
je deviendrai
I have become
je suis devenu
I would become
je deviendrais
I should become
je devrais devenir
I could become
je pourrais devenir
I am going to become
je vais devenir
I say
je dis
I am saying
je dis
I said
j'ai dit
I will say
je dirai
I would say
je dirais
I should say
je devrais dire
I could say
je pourrais dire
I speak
Je parle
I am speaking
Je parle
I spoke
j'ai parlé
I will speak
je parlerai
I am going to speak
je vais parler
I would speak
je parlerais
I could speak
je pourrais parler
I should speak
je devrais parler
I want
je veux
I wanted
j'ai voulu
I will want
je voudrai
I am going to want
je vais vouloir
I would want
je voudrais
I should want
je devrais vouloir
I could want
je pourrais vouloir
I write
I am writing
I wrote
j'ai écrit
I will write
I would write
I could write
je pourrais écrire
I should write
je devrais écrire
I am going to write
je vais écrire
I am sending
I sent
j'ai envoyé
I will send
I would send
I could send
je pourrais envoyer
I should send
je devrais envoyer,
I am going to send
je vais envoyer
I am buying
I will buy
I bought
j'ai acheté
I am going to buy
je vais acheter
I would buy
I should buy
je devrais acheter
I could buy
je pourrais acheter
I am selling
je vends
I sold
je suis vendu
I will sell
je vendrai
I am going to sell
je vais vendre
I would sell
je vendrais
I could sell
je pourrais vendre
I should sell
je devrais vendre
I would like to buy
I would like to sell
Je voudrais acheter
Je voudrais vendre