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Es blitzt!
It's lightning!
Es daemmert.
It's getting light/dark.
Es donnert.
It's thundering.
Es friert.
It's freezing.
Es hagelt.
It's hailing.
Es regnet.
It's raining.
Es schneit.
It's snowing.
Es stuermt.
It's storming.
Es riecht.
It smells (of something).
Es stinkt.
It stinks.
Es zieht.
There's a draft.
Es gefaellt mir.
I like it.
Es geht mir gut.
I'm fine.
Es gelingt mir.
I am successful.
Es geschieht hier viel.
A lot happens here.
Es geschieht mir recht.
It serves me right.
Es scheint mir...
It seems to me...
Es schmeckt mir gut.
I like the taste of it.
Es tut mir Leid.
I'm sorry.