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What do I write up right on my excel calculation worksheet under OCs name?
Date the lead came in and the lead type: LRTS, Banker:Rachel, etc.
What do I do if I find OCs have a second mortgage?
Immediately check the list in my Products File for qualifying subordinators
AOW Entry: Loan Detail Screen: What is the loan Purpose of a VA IRRRL?
Streamline Refinance
A customer has used my website to enter his application. What should he omit?
Omit the property address so that the application doesn’t become a Real Deal.
A customer has applied on my website. After transferring a LRTS lead into AOW, where do I find the AOW application?
Use the dropdown, instead of using All Active, select New Leads
A customer has done a Credit Counseling Stage application. They have to sign the credit consent when?
Same day as credit is pulled.
A customer has done a Credit Counseling Stage application. What happens to the credit consent form?
Enter the CBI Reference Number, Make a copy, Fax a copy to the appropriate number, give the copy to Kim and keep one copy in the file turned upside down.
Can OCs apply for a loan on my website?
No. WFHM does not take Web site (Internet) applications. Web site leads are considered to be in either the Inquiry stage or the Credit Counseling stage until a complete application (Pre-approval or Real Deal) is taken for that borrower.
Where do I find the Consent For Credit Form?
In my Favorites, scroll down to the link for individual or joint credit.
AHP- how long do I have to dispo a lead?
If the lead is not dispositioned after two days, an email will be sent to you (and your Manager) reminding them to contact the customer
AHP-What’s the app rate for WFHM leads?
AHP-What’s good about purchase ileads?
They may not be working with a realtor at this point.
AHP- Credit activity trigger?
They pulled their credit report and we think they will need a loan.
AHP- how many apps will I get from this?
20 or about 3 per month
AHP- How will I know it’s an AHP lead?
LRTS will say so.
AHP- How many times does someone need to be contacted before something starts?
5-6 times.
AHP- What’s the TARGET app rate?
AHP- What’s the App to fund rate?
AHP-What’s the max percentage of Lm’s?
AHP-How many leads should I pitch to my realtors and bank partners?
1/month to bank partners and realtors
AHP- How should I emphasize my location here on 30th Street?
Sell Wells Fargo Home Mortgage and specifically yourself as the local expert in their market.
AHP- Are these cold calls?
This is not a cold call- the customer asked to be contacted by a local representative so you must get back to them quickly.
AHP- What if a prospective buyer isn’t ready to purchase just yet. Is it a wasted lead?
No, send a welcome packet and my card out to these customers. I’m the local rep that looks forward to helping in your home and home-loan search. Put a reminder on outlook that has me calling in a month- “Just want to check in to seeing how you’re doing.”
Application Process: For phone applications I’ll want them to get their last two year’s taxes. Why is this?
So I can do the 4506T wizard.