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in‧di‧ge‧nous / ɪnˈdɪdʒnəs /
tran‧script / ˈtrænskrɪpt
a written copy of a speech
col‧lo‧qui‧al / kəˈloʊkwiəl
words used mainly in informal conversations
dip sth in(to)
to put something into a liquid and lift it out again
draw‧back / ˈdrɔːbæk
dis‧claim‧er / dɪsˈkleɪmə
a statement that you are not responsible for or involved with something - used esp. in advertising or legal agreements
sen‧sa‧tion / senˈseɪʆn /
a feeling that you get from one of your five senses
con‧tig‧u‧ous / kənˈtɪgjuəs /
next to sth, or next to each other
squeeze / skwiːz / press sth firmly together with your fingers
2.try to make sth fit into a space that is too small
squeeze sb/sth ↔ in
manage to do sth although you are very busy
pig‧sty / ˈpɪgstaɪ /=pigpen
a building where pigs are kept
be hoist with/by your own petard
to be harmed or embarrassed by the plans you had made to hurt other people - often used humorously
ensue from
to happen after or as a result of something
EX:problems that ensue from food and medical shortages