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What are the 8 levels of Rancho Los Amigos?
I No Responsive
II Generalized response
III Localized response
IV Confused, inappropriate, agitated
V Confused, inappropriate, NON-agitated
VI Confused, appropriate
VII Automated, appropriate
VIII Purposeful, appropriate
What is the pt like in stage
I: No Response
Coma like, unconscious and no response to any stimuli
What is the pt like in stage
II: Generalized response
-Response to stimuli nonspecifically: usually pain and auditory commands/noises, but inconsistently, non-purposefuly, and delayed.
-Regardless of stimuli the responses are the same.
What is the pt like in stage
III: Localized response
-Starting to emerge.
-Response to stimuli specifically: touch, auditory, but still inconsistenlty. May response to biasly to friends/family, but not to others
What is the pt like in stage
IV: Confused, inappropriate, agitated
Pt is more alert.
Disoreinted about self and surroundings. Responds non-purposefully and bizarre like. Shows aggresive behavior and may cry or scream out even after stimuli stops. Short gross attentions span, no focused attention.
What is the pt like in stage
V: Confused, inappropriate, NON-agitated
Alert and responds to simple commands fairly consistently. However, if structure is taken away, or complexity increases may respond non-purposefully. Unable to do new learning.
Memory is impaired.
Better gross atten, but short focused atten.
Lacks initiation.
Can dress with assisitance.
Can eat w/max supervision.
What is the pt like in stage
VI: Confused, appropraite
Behavior is goal directed. Responses appropriate to the situations w/incorrect responses due to memory difficulties. Increased awareness of self.
Focused atten is functional for common daily activities, but impaired if tasks are difficult and unstructured.
What is the pt like in stage
VII: Automatice, appropriate
Goes through daily routine automatically, but robotlike.
Minimum to absent confusion.
Increasing awareness of self, body, family, people, food.
Lack insight
Decreased judgement & problem solving and lacks realistic planning for future.
New learning but at decreased rate.
What is the pt like in stage
Correct responses, new learning, no required supervision
Poor tolerance for stress and some abstract reasoning difficulties (more of a concrete thinker).