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The four layers of the rain forest are _________, _________,
_________, and _________.
Emergent Layer, Canopy, Understory, Forest Floor
This ecosystem is hot and humid all year round. Chameleons, toucans, and chimpanzees all live here.
The Rain Forest
Some rain forest animals are ___________, which means that there are only a few left in the world.
Hint: see page 45 in Eye Wonder Rain Forest
The thick layer of leaves and branches that form the "roof" of the rain forest.
The Canopy
This layer is made of some trees standing high above the canopy layer. They make up the highest layer of the rain forest. Birds of paradise, eagles, and macaws all live here.
The Emergent Layer
This layer of the rain forest is dark and cool. It is under the leaves but over the ground.
The Understory
This layer is found at the very bottom of the rain forest and is home to the anteater and many other animals.
The Forest Floor
This bird's brightly colored beak is so large that it is about the same length as the bird's body!
This is the world's slowest moving mammal. They spend almost all of a day and night resting and sleeping.
The rain forests are located near the_______, which is an imaginary line that crosses our planet right in the middle.
This is the world's largest rain forest. The setting of the Great Kapok Tree is this rain forest.
Amazon Rain Forest
What is happening to the rain forest right now? Who does this affect?
The rain forest is being cut down to make room for farms. This affects everyone in the world.
Some things that come from the rain forest are: ___________,
_________, __________, _________,
__________, and __________.
Bananas, Coffee, Lemons, Black Pepper, cashew nuts and chocolate
How can we save the rain forest?
recycle, use less paper, eat less beef, eduate your friends and families, write persuasive letters
Why are rain forests so important?
They provide us plenty of food and oxygen. They are home to millions of plants and animals.