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Name five kinds of food that were originally found in the rainforests.
Chocolate, vanilla, sugar, cinnamon, oranges, pineapple, bananas, corn, peanuts, chewing gum.
Name the two kinds of Rain Forests.
Temperate and tropical
What fraction of the world's animals lives in the rainforest?
Over half of the world's animals.
What is the difference between the temperate and the tropical rainforest.
Temperate are very cold

Tropical rainforests are very warm and humid year round.
Name a type of paper product that comes from trees.
Paper towels
What would happen to earth if there were no more rainforest trees?
The earth would get too warm and there would be very serious changes in the weather.
Name four countries where there are temperate rainforests.
Canada, Chile, New Zealand, United States.
What fraction of modern medicine comes from rainforest plants?
One quarter of all our medicine comes from rainforest plants.
Where can you find tropical rainforests?
Near the equator in places like South Amercia, Africa, and Southeast Asia.
How can rainforests help people who are sick?
Rainforests contain special plants that can be turned into medicine.
Rainforests provide indigenous pople with everything they need. Name four things that come from materials found in the rainforests.
Houses, clothing, food, toys
Name three animals that live in the rainforest.
Jaguar, panther, tiger, African mountain gorilla, orangutan, three-toed sloth, poison arrow frog.
What are the people that live in the rainforest known as?
Indigenous people