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What is a Fraction?
The numerical expression obtained by deviding one number into another.
What are the three parts to a fraction?
1. The numerator.
2. The denominator.
3. The Quotient.
What is the S.I. System?

What is another name for it?
System Internationale.

The Metric or MKS system.
Give four ways to represent numbers.
1. fractional.

2. Decimal.

3. Exponentional.

4. Logarithmic
What is the decimal system?
Numbers grouped in multiples of ten.
What is the Exponential system?

What is another name for it?
A decimal number multiplied by 10 to an Nth power.

Scientific Notation.
What is the Logarithmic system?
Numbers expressed as xponents of 10.
What characteristic does a logarithmic scale have?
It is non-linear and allows large ranges of values to be plotted.
What is a linear scale?
Equals lengths on the scale have equal value.
What is an Ordered Pair?
The two co-ordinates of a point such that it can be plotted on an X-Y graph.
What is a ratio?
The relation in degree or number between two similar things.
What is a proportion?
A statement of equality between two ratios. Four quantities, a, b, c, d, are said to be in proportion if a/b = c/d.
What is the Symbol and Exponent for:

1. da 1

2. h 2

3. k 3
What is the Symbol and Exponent for:

1. M 6

2. G 9

3. T 12
What is the Symbol and Exponent for:

1. d -1

2. c -2

3. m -3
What is the Symbol and Exponent for:

1. u -6

2. n -9

3. p -12
What are the four Radiological units?

What are their symbols?
1. The Roentgen. R

2. The Rad rad

3. The Rem rem

4. The curie Ci
Give the SI unit names and symbol for:

1. The Roentgen.

2. The Rad

3. The Rem

4. The curie
1. air kerma Gya
(grey in air)

2. grey Gyt
(in tissue)

3. sievert Sv

4. becquerel Bq
What is a Roentgen?
The radiation intensity that will create 2.08 x 10⁸ ion pairs in 1 cc of air.
What is a second way to define a Roentgen?
2.58 x 10⁻⁴ C/kg
coulombs of charge per kilogram of air
What is a Rad?
100 ergs per gram.
What is a Curie?
The quantity of radioactivity in which 3.7 x 10(10) nuclei disintegrate every second.
What is the relationship between

Roentgens and air kerma?
R x .01 = Gya
What is the relationship between

rad and grey?
rad x .01 = Gyt
What is the relationship between

rem and sievert?
rem x .01 = Sv
What is the relationship between

curie and becquerel
Ci x 3.7 x 10(10) = Bq
How do you determine the number of Significant Figures of a number?
1. Add all the non-zero numbers

2. then add all the zeroes between the non-zero numbers

3. then add all the zeroes at he beginning of the number.
What is the rule to convert larger decimal quantities to smaller?
Move the point to the left.
What is the rule to convert smaller decimal quantities to larger?
move the decimal point to the right.