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Left Dominant Heart
PDA blood supply from a left coronary branch
-7 %
- 7% are codominant.
Right Dominant Heart
- PDA is formed from the terminal branch of the RCA
- >85% of patients
Left Coronary Artery
- originates from the ostium of the left sinus of Valsalva
-courses between the left atrial appendage and the pulmonary artery
-at AV groove, the LCA bifurcates into the left anterior descending (LAD) and the LCX branches.
-supplies left atrium, left vent, interventricular septum, and AV bundles
Right Coronary Artery
-courses along the right AV groove.
-supplies the right atrium, right vent, interventricular septum, and the SA and AV nodes.
-arises from the right aortic sinus.
-branches into sinus node artery, a right marginal branch, the PDA, acute marginal
Ramus Intermedius
-arises between the LAD and the CX
-supplies posterolateral wall of LV
Sinus Node Artery
-60% from RCA
-40% from LCX
Left Anterior Descending
-anterior wall LV
-anterior intraventricular septum
Left Circumflex
-lateral left ventricle.
AV node artery
-arises from RCA in 85%
White-Bland-Garland Syndrome
-anomolous origin of LCA from pulmonary artery
-results in LV failure