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What is the OFA?
The Orthopedic Foundation For Animals
How many people evaluate the OFA radiographs?
three - 2 need to be in consensus
At what age can they be submitted for OFA radiographs?
after 2 years of age
What view is sent in for an OFA?
V/D pelvic film
If the hips are normal in an OFA what is done?
an OfA registry number is issued
What restraint is used for an OFA?
anesthetized or sedatation
What is included in an OFA x-ray?
The wings of the illium through the stifles.
What is included on the film ID for an OFA?
Hospital/vets name, date, owner's name, breed of animal, age of animal, AKC registration number, permanent ID tatoo or microchip.
Where was the PENNHIP developed?
At the U of Pennsylvania in 1980.
What is required for a Pennhip?
3 pelvic views.
What are the 3 pelvic views used for the Pennhip?
Standard OFA view, compression view, distraction view
What maked the Pennhip view more reliable?
It is shown to give a more repeatable/more reliable indication of a dogs passive hip laxit than is possible witht he extended view.
What is hip dysplasia?
When the fit of the hip joint is loose.
What does hip dysplasia look like on an x-ray?
A separation of head of femur and acetabulum.
What is an end result of hip dysplasia?
Osteoarthritis and degenerative joint disease.
Do radiographic findings alway correlate with clinical signs?
No! They may have no symptoms (abnormal gait) or have severe pain with no abnormalities.
Is hip dysplasia hereditary?
What is the only way to positively diagnose hip dysplasia?
Through radiography
What type of film is used for oral radiography?
Non-screen film. It provides the most detail in bite ring or oral occulsal film. Same as used in human dentistry.
What type of restraint is used for oral radiography?
What type of positioning is used in oral radiography?
You want the long axis of both the tooth and the film perpendicular to the x-ray beam.
Do you use an increased or decreased SID with oral radiographs?
What radiographic changes can be associated with periodontal disease?
Loss of aveolear bone, widening of the radiolusant space due to loss of peridontal ligament, periapexical bone loss (apex of tooth root)